“The Cleaners” have arrived to Empire Avenue. Have you heard?

An excellent summary of the recent changes (hopefully) improvements going on at Empire Avenue. If social networking is part of your life, it’ll be worth a few minutes of your time to review.

KC's Empire Avenue Blog

Empire Avenue is feeling new and improved!   It’s a marketing tool, that’s a social media community, a social media site, and a game all wrapped into one.   Empire Avenue is a site that currently has a small user base, that’s growing.  I’ve used the site since May of 2011 and I’m excited about some of the new changes.

“The Cleaners” have arrived to Empire Avenue.  The annoying things that past users have complained about are starting to disappear.  If you like sharing good social media content, then that’s what Empire Avenue is searching for.  If you like meeting new people online, and networking, it’s a place to start.  If you’re into reality T.V., then you will love the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.  Things are improving, and below I’m just going to tell you about a few of the improvements.

1) Multiple accounts types are available.  These…

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