New Mission Types!

Good news for Empire Avenue users with a range of new missions to ensure you can get the sort of feedback or interaction you need.

Empire Kred

We have had a very busy month over at Empire Avenue! Between launching Movie Rewards, Mission Scaling, The People’s Market, and a sale we found the time to develop some new Mission types that will make creating and completing Missions even easier!

Investment Missions

Have you ever seen a Mission on Empire Avenue asking you to invest in someone on the Social Stocks? Maybe you have even created your own to help out a friend or colleague! Investment Missions are designed to help make this popular request be more automatic, and simpler to complete.

Multiple variables are taken into account such as the Mission Reward amount, current Share Price as well as the number of shares the Mission Completer currently owns in the Profile that has specified for the Mission. These variables are used to calculate the maximum number of shares that can be bought. The Mission…

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