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Empire Avenue Blogathon .. All the entries #EAv-Blogathon

A series of blog posts about Empire Avenue written by some of those who play the game. If you’re enthusiastic about social media but also have one eye on business, you should review some of these Empire Avenue review articles.

Empire Kred

EAv Blogathon 1

Eav Blogathon 2

Why Join Empire Avenue Leaders (LEAD) – 4 TOTAL


Why Play Empire Avenue (JOIN) – 9 TOTAL


Small Business or Niche Benefits (BIZ)

BIZ 1.
BIZ 2.
BIZ 3.
BIZ 4.
BIZ 5.
BIZ 6.
BIZ 7.
BIZ 8.
BIZ 9.
BIZ 10.
BIZ 11.

How To Get Started/Play (HOW)

HOW 1.
HOW 2.
HOW 3.
HOW 4.
HOW 5.
HOW 6.
HOW 7.
HOW 8.

Power of Community/Connections (POW)

POW 1.
POW 2.
POW 3.
POW 4.
POW 5.
POW 6.
POW 7.

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Empire Avenue Review #EAv-Blogathon

This is part of a blog post I did about Empire Avenue from my main personal site, i.e.

Empire Kred

I joined Empire Avenue just under two years ago. At that stage, I’d never heard of it and, chances are, neither have you!

So, what is Empire Avenue? Well, one of its tag lines is ‘Be rewarded for being social‘. My take on it? Well, I see it as a game for people who use social media regularly.

The game element is basically like a stock market for people. When you join Empire Avenue, you have a price. This is shown in the platform’s virtual currency, Eaves.

Once you join, other players will invest in you and be rewarded with dividends based on your social media activity.

Your social media activity can include all the usual platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus. Pinterest, Flickr and even your own blog can all be connected and count towards your activity. The more ‘social’ you are, the better your…

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Empire Avenue’s Summer of Fun Festival

Social media fun on ‘the Avenue’. Bring your own ice cream! 🙂

Empire Kred

Ready for a summer of fun? #EAvLeaders is working with Leader teams and Empire Avenue communities to present fun events this weekend — and every weekend — all summer long! Watch this page for details:

Three ways to get involved:
1) Participate in each event. Look for missions, participate in buying events, and more.
2) Volunteer to help EAvLeaders Fun&Games plan upcoming events
3) Belong to another community or team? Propose an event for the second half of the summer.

All events are organized BY players, FOR players.

This is a great time to invite your friends to join — newbies will get a boost each and every weekend for six straight weeks. (And, if they join this week, they’ll be off Fresh Face status BEFORE [X]PendaPalooza! Spread the word!

June 13-16
#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event
EAv Gangstas

June 21-22
Sir Rudiger’s Cracking the Nut of…

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Empire Avenue Beginners Guide

A very handy guide for new Empire Avenue members. Excellent stuff, Steven

Empire Kred

Empire Avenue


This is the first in a series to guide you through Empire Avenue when you first start

You are being guided by (e)StevenJH and (e)Angelika

Invitation to Join

If someone you know invited you to join Empire Avenue , the invitation will look like this

Simply click ‘Accept Invite’ (1)

Invitation to Join

When you

click ‘Accept Invite’ , you will be taken to the Empire Avenue webpage

Press ‘Get Started’ (1)

When you

Registering on Empire Avenue

The blank registration screen

Registering on Empire Avenue

Enter your details

(1) Your Email Address
(2) Your Name
(3) The ‘ticker’ or ID you would like to use.

Everyones ticker should be unique , the system will check whether the one you choose is already in use . If it is simply choose another one

(4) and (5) enter the password you want to use . Both fields need to be the same

Enter your details

Tell us how you want…

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We are Empire Avenue

A few Empire Avenue members explain what it means to them. Could it help you with your social / business networking?

Empire Kred

Empire Avenue is an international social networking site run  by the members and much much more , let our members explain .

Empire Avenue to me has always been part-social network, part-business network, part game, part social medial analytics, and part social media TRAINING.  Empire Avenue teaches one how to best utilize their social media networks and provides you with a WORLDWIDE network of the most talented business owners, developers, designers, entreprenuers, writers, muscians, hackers, coders, bloggers, programmers, ever.
Empire Avenue is a “game based on real world social media interaction” which means “you can compete against other players or your own record” which gives you “daily motivation to improve your engagement.”
Empire Avenue offers “detailed analytics”, which means “you can measure social media engagement by network “which gives you a “fun and easy way to spot what’s working – and what’s not.”

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